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Why does concrete mixer truck tank volume become smaller and smaller?

2016-11-29 12:03:07


Customer called to ask why concrete mixer truck concrete less and less?As this special material transporting concrete vehicle, if the usual cleaning work is not in place, it is easy to appear on cans, inside the tank volume will be smaller and smaller.Here we use to say tank car at ordinary times what should pay attention to matters.
With low to prevent tank Fast loading fast discharge is the key

1. The accessory take water reducing agent
Water reducing agent is a kind to maintain under the condition of the same concrete slump, concrete admixture can reduce the mixing water, onboard, to good concrete regulation.When adding water reducing agent, however, be sure to remember with bituminous concrete station laboratory is present, otherwise the quality of concrete strength is not enough, the driver must bear the consequences.

2. Back to the factory check the water tank
Every time the car task back to the station, check the water in the water storage tank, it is better to let the water in the pitcher is in a state of full tank at any time, for a rainy day.

3. Check concrete quality before from the factory
May be because of different raw materials, MeiYiPan concrete quality will have a change.When loaded concrete leave, be sure to check inside the tank of concrete slump and and degrees, concrete condensation and concrete stratified precipitation in advance.

4. Reduce the driving time
Concrete distance within the 30 km in diameter, commonly before planned route of the vehicle and traffic situation, try to reduce the time of the vehicles on the road.

5. Reduce the loss to discharge first
If there are any human factors or force majeure factors, lead to a long time to discharge, shall, from time to time, to check the tank of concrete situation, once found that concrete began to condense.Immediately after reported to the director for unloading, in case the tanks destroyed.Learned, 12 square of tanks on the market, not artificial, and delays cost, the price at around $80000.

Low needs cleaning trouble but it must be done at any time
1. The operation of flush at any time
After each discharge, bring your own water gun with tank on tank, blade, feeding port, tanks and coma to wash, prevent concrete pile up after solidification, the last bad cleaning.
Thoroughly clean the tank after from the 2.
Transport task after the end of each day, joined more than 1 cubic meters of water in the tank, rapid rotation of tank cleaning.Conditional company, still can add stones on the interior of the tank, the effect will be better.

"Little knowledge sharing Add water operation steps
1. Control pneumatic clamp connector
Air pressure inside the tank should be scored many, this factory has been set, do not need to adjust myself.If meet special situation to adjust, it is recommended that the pressure control at about 3.5 Mpa, the pressure is too great easy detonation tube.In addition, a new car and daily use, to the line interface of fastening at any time, to prevent loss.

2. The tank car and water flow
Add water in each tank layout are the same, are generally tank vent - filled with water, shut off valve;In the case of no, it is best to dial the pole position in the middle.Here we demonstrate to heavy truck chassis + xugong with 12 m3 tank car as an example.

3. The row though more water in winter
Collect every day during the winter after should do inside the water tank and the water in the pipe, and the water pipe into the compressed air blow to the best of all residues in water, prevent because frosty ice caused by pipeline.