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Wheel Loader And Road Roller Industry Sales Data Analysis

2014-02-22 10:29:13



Including the export, wheel loader sales in January 2014 are 8,606 units, reducing by 1%; road roller sales 797 units, increasing by 8%.

The strong wheeled loader and road roller sales momentum of the fourth quarter in 2013 have continued in 2014. The sales data seems to be common, but it is to be noted that, if calculated by single day sales (due to the effect of Chinese new year, there are 17 working days in January this year, 22 working days last year), the sales of wheeled loader and road roller in January this year have increased by 28% and 40% respectively. Driven by favourable factor of the Spring Festival (there are 17 working days in February this year and only 12 working days last year), it’s expected that the sales figures in February will continue to rise.

As far as the wheel loader, the domestic market sales performance is better than that of export: domestic sales increased by 1%, while export fell by 9%. It’s expected that wheel loader sales will increase by 6% in 2014, slightly higher than the 4% of 2013.