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Weekly concrete mixer truck maintenance

2021-12-31 15:35:14

Weekly concrete mixer truck maintenance

1.Check clearance between mix blades and floor of mixer. Adjust to approximately 3 mm clearance, if necessary, by adjusting mixer blade height.

2.Check clearance between wall scraper blades and wall tiles. Adjust to just clear wall tiles on circumference.

3.Rotate mixer by hand to check clearance on all floor and wall tiles before starting machine after adjustment. Always check bolt tightness after any adjustments.

4.Grease all nipples on top of fixed gearbox. Use a single dose of Texaco Multifak MP2 grease, UNI XM grade, or equivalent. Do not over grease.

5.Check the hydraulic oil level in the power pack tank using the sight glass. This should not require topping up unless there is a leak in the system.

6.Check drive belt tension and condition of high pressure washer. Adjust if necessary.

7.Check condition of wall and floor tiles for wear or damage. Casting blow holes can be ignored. When tile thickness reaches approximately 5 mm, change the full set of either wall or floor tiles as necessary.

8.Use a wire brush to clean high pressure washer spray heads to remove and cement/concrete build up which may block nozzles.

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