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Water Sprinkler Truck Use Tips

2013-12-31 10:20:19



Before using the water sprinkler truck, should carefully read the usage manual. Operate strictly according to the manual, which is the important guarantee for the use of water sprinkler truck.

1. Demand for water
When the water sprinkler truck make use of river, pond as a water source, note the suction pipe end fully submerged. To avoid inhalation of large stones or mud, floating debris, suction pipe end generally include filtration devices, water filtration devices is strictly prohibited when removed. If the water is shallow, need to dig deeper will suck water in advance to ensure that does not contain any debris and not into the air. Different sprinkler water pumps for water requirements are differentiated, clear water pump requires no impurities in the water, turbid water pumps require water cannot have too many stones and sand.

2. Add water
Each time before the water of centrifugal water pump, pump must be added with a certain volume of water, plus finished water must be turned off. Self-suction pump when used for the first time, need to add water, after they no longer have to add water.

3. Intake pipe must require vacuum
Water inlet pipe suction system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum, water can be inhaled inside the box. Water pipe system must be reliable, hose cannot be damaged, it tube does not have flaws that will cause leakage, also resulted in no case in Sheung Shui.

4. Stop to hang the gear
Whether before uptaking water or sprinkling water, the water sprinkler truck must stop to hang the gear of the power takeoff equipment.

5. Discharge water in winter
Before the arrival of winter, water pumps and pipes should be vented to prevent cracking. After the end of the construction, soon will be emptying the water pumps and water pipes, in case some misfortune.

6. Considerations of sprinkling water
Watering the front nozzle position is low, close to the ground, spraying pressure, can be used for washing pavements; nozzle position after high (around sprinkler after sprinkler installation), sprinkle water over a wide, can be used for watering of highway construction, when the nozzle after use, front nozzle should be closed when using the adjustable nozzle sprinkler, water spray width can be adjusted as needed. Sprinkling width and wider, with less overlap, watering and uniform density.

7. Lubrication and fastening
Regularly lubricate the drive Assembly lubrication points in the process, often fastened connection points, to ensure that the normal use.

8. Periodic blowdown
Sprinkler tanks equipped with sewage pipes, it tube imports for the bottom of the water tank. After a period of use, you should periodically opens pipeline switching, the exclusion of accumulated debris inside the tank until the water is clear.