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Tower Crane Classification

2014-01-28 10:24:58



According to with or without walking mechanism, the tower crane can be divided into mobile tower crane and fixed tower crane.

According to the different walking device, the mobile tower crane can be divided into rail type, wheel type, truck type and crawler type. Rail type tower crane, the tower body is fixed in the walking frame, can be operated in the special rail, has good stability, can walk with load, high work efficiency, and thus widely used in construction and installation engineering. Wheel type, truck type and crawler type tower cranes are without rail device, move conveniently, but can not walk without load, the stability is poorer, seldome produce at present.

According to the different installing position, fixed tower crane is divided into self elevating type and interior climbing type. The self elevating type tower crane can increase with building rise, suitable for high-rise building, building structure only bear the horizontal load transfering from the crane, attach conveniently, but the occupied structure use more steel; interior climbing type tower crane is inside the building(elevator shaft and staircase), clime by means of bracket and lifting system, lift-up is tedious, but the occupied structure use less steel, without installing the base, all dead weight and load are beared by the building.