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The treatment method of the mixing drum not rotating during the transportation of the concrete mixer truck

2022-02-11 17:25:49

When the concrete mixer truck is used for a certain period of time, the mixing drum cannot be rotated.

There are generally three reasons: 1. The concrete is stuck during transportation; 2. The hydraulic system or engine fails; 3. The motor has failed.

The countermeasures are as follows:

1. If the concrete is stuck during transportation, it is no problem to clean it up;

2. Handling of hydraulic system or engine failure:

1) Open the cover of the manhole of the mixing drum, loosen the pipe joint of the high-pressure hose on the motor, rotate the mixing drum to make the manhole of the mixing drum obliquely downward, and discharge the concrete from the manhole of the mixing drum; 2) Remove the high-pressure hose of the faulty car from the Remove the motor, connect the high-pressure hose for rescue, connect the other end to the oil pump of the rescue vehicle, connect one end of the oil return pipe for emergency use to the motor drain port of the faulty vehicle, and connect the other end of the oil return pipe to the rescue vehicle The oil return port of the oil pump is used, and the rescue vehicle is used to control the rotation of the mixing drum of the faulty vehicle to discharge the concrete.

3. If the motor fails, the treatment is relatively simple. The motor of the rescue vehicle can be removed and installed on the faulty vehicle, and then all the oil pipes are connected, and the concrete in the mixing drum can be discharged by starting the rescue vehicle.

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