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The properties of concrete

2016-11-18 14:55:38

1, the workability, the performance of the concrete mixture is the most important.It integrated said consistency, liquidity and plasticity of mixture and layered segregation secrete water resistance and easy plaster, etc.Determination methods and indexes of mixture workability and said a lot, China mainly USES the truncated cone slump tube test (mm) and the slump with bourgogne instrument measured dimensions time (in seconds), as the main indicator of consistency.
2, strength: the most important mechanical properties after concrete hardening, is refers to the concrete resistance to pressure, such as tensile, bending and shear stress.The type and content of water cement ratio, cement, aggregate the varieties and dosage and the mixing, molding, curing, directly affect the strength of the concrete.According to the standard curing of concrete strength grade of compressive strength of 28 days, known as the label, commonly used for the C10, C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C40, C50 number, etc.The tensile strength of concrete is only 1/8 ~ 1/13 its compressive strength.To improve the ratio of tensile and compressive strength of concrete is one of the most important aspects of the modified concrete.
3, deformation: concrete under the action of load and temperature and humidity will produce deformation, including elastic deformation, plastic deformation, deformation of shrinkage and temperature, etc.The elastic deformation of concrete under short-term load mainly expressed in elastic modulus.Under long-term load produced by the plastic deformation, known as creep.Caused by the cement hydration, cement and water loss of carbide volume deformation, referred to as the contract.
4, durability: in general, concrete has excellent durability.But in cold regions, especially in the water level change of engineering parts, and in the condition of full water by frequent alternative action of freezing and thawing, concrete is easy to be damaged.Therefore the frost resistance of concrete to have certain requirements.Used for waterproof engineering, the requirements of concrete has good permeability resistance and corrosion resistance.