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The Main Problems Of China Tower Crane Development

2013-12-05 10:19:32



China tower crane industry has been through high-speed development, regardless of company size, or technology, product quality has improved, while the increasingly fierce market competition. The face of the rapid changes in the market and competitive challenges in recent years, the manufacturers to increase investment in development and manufacturing, technology and the advanced countries to narrow the gap, but the overall structure, performance, quality, especially in terms of quality and reliability is still a certain gap.

(1) Product quality is uneven.
Output of currently the tower crane is large, every way to healthy development, brand awareness and sales networks, tower crane was moved closer to the international standards, and gradually improve. But the unevenness in the quality of the product, varies widely. Some products with advanced technology, better quality, design and manufacturing of some products have more quality problems, this is because the manufacturers in the design and production levels vary. Some technical strength, guaranteed product quality well-known enterprises and some are less technology and equipment, strong technical force, and informal means to cut into the market at a low price, obtained by irregular means manufacturing license and inspection certificate, have a huge impact on regular suppliers.

(2) Basic parts, basic research and development is lagging behind.
Through research and development, technological innovation, the introduction of the digestive tract, China tower crane design means and kit production capacity has made a lot of progress, advanced design, micro-electronics technology, remote monitoring technology on the tower crane has been applied. But China tower crane model of product's technical performance, production quality, variety and reliability, compared with developed countries, there is still a gap, mainly reflected in: the reliability of domestic in-bound parts, such as electrical components, hydraulic components, transmission components; process equipment, laboratory equipment and complete testing means not enough; deep enough for basic research, such as studies on quantitative analysis of local structure and reliability. Which affected the quality of our products and reliability, increased accident risk.
In addition, the transmission low configuration has become a bottleneck restricting the improvement of technical performance of tower crane in China, the host development is severely limited. Drive mechanism by way of more backward speed control, the impact of large, narrow speed range. Hoisting mechanism and still drive inefficient soft tooth cylindrical gear reducer, motor pole-changing adjustable-speed, two-speed squirrel cage winding Eddy current brake motor plus speed, RCS double motor speed; slewing mechanisms with winding motor adding speed fluid coupling; luffing mechanism using multi speed motor speed.

(3) Product structure to be adjusted.
China tower crane industry rapid development in recent years, but for the most part similar, small and overcapacity. 80, for ease of management and convenient customer choice in the first place to unveil a model classification criteria, strong normative, but is to a large extent restricted the richness of tower crane products and technological advances. Need anything develop in developed country markets, down to only 10-20kNm micro hanging, large 100000kNm of mega-tower crane, a clash of Kings, each has its own characteristics. Developed widely used self erecting tower crane in China are rare.