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The effect of mixing blades for concrete mixing truck

2016-09-27 18:31:55

Concrete mixing truck in use after a period of time, it is easy to occur all kinds of wear and tear, including the wear and tear of the car itself, in large part can be seen, or been observed. Is not easy to explain for everybody a detection of wear and tear, it is the concrete truck mixer blade wear and tear or damage to the tanks.
Spiral blade is a key part of the mixers very, blade is good or bad, wear and tear or not greatly affects the use of the tanks, once the blade is wear and tear, he indirectly affects the whole truck mixer blanking is homogeneous, blanking whether continuity, mixers overall power consumption, and the amount of residual concrete vats after blanking.
So stirring car owners should always pay attention to maintenance of vats, regularly or irregularly cleaning the inside of the residual hit earth material, keep it clean and tidy, can be appropriate, rinse with water.At the same time, once found damage to the blade, should immediately to the corresponding accessories manufacturers increase welding, the repair work.