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Specialized in the manufacture of cement silo

2016-08-17 17:01:12

Specialized in the manufacture of cement silo
The function of the cement silo
Cement silo generally used in home storage of bulk cement, bulk cement silo is a closed tank storage of bulk material, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials. With the development of social construction, cement silo in architectural engineering more widely. Cement tank technical data as follows:
1. cement silo is suitable for construction, concrete mixing stations, roads and bridges, water conservancy, urban construction and other projects in the reserve silo bulk cement. Waterproof, moisture, prevent the loss of cement, reduce urban air pollution dust, small footprint, long life and low cost, is the current national focus on the promotion of the use of environmentally friendly construction machinery and ancillary products.
2. cement tank commonly used as concrete mixing station supporting the product.
3. The cement silo suitable for loading bulk cement and fly ash dry-made, with rain, moisture, anti-fouling, easy to use features.
4. A cement tank is generally cylindrical cage structure, its upper dust removal equipment to prevent dust leakage, the lower part is equipped with broken arch device to prevent caking of dust, powder material discharged smoothly.