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Skills Of Driving Heavy Truck In Snowy Weather

2013-12-18 10:22:35


The snowy weather will cause truck driving difficulty, relatively easy to slip, especially will meet many troubles while driving heavy truck in snowy weather.

1. Don't advance the throttle strongly
Advance the throttle strongly, after the tires rotating in high speed, the adhesion to the land will reduce, easy to slip. The truck driver should remember to slowly release the clutch, lightly advance the throttle, usually start with 2 shift, can choose to start with 3 shift then, to reduce the torque. If occur the slipping when starts, immediately close down the throttle completely, gently adjust the steering wheel, ensure the truck drive in right direction.

2. Don’t change lanes frequently.
Do not lightly changed lanes frequently. Must maintain sufficient overtaking and overtaken when a safe distance, and also do not rush back on the road after passing, but with enough distance, and then returned to their car to be pulled after road.

3. Use tire chains to increase friction
After installing the tire chain increases the friction of the tire and bingxuelu, make driving more smoothly, should pay attention to in had taken out after the icy tire chain, otherwise damage to the tire is enormous. Particularly worth mentioning is the tractor drive axles and trailers, finally a bridge to bring snow chains. Little snow chains to solve major problems.

4. Points for attention up and down the hill
Downhill on the snow, with a very high risk, way up, must be double distance from the vehicle towards "Yiqi he Cheng" finished climbing. Wheel skid due to ground icing should a climb, you can sprinkle sand or covered with blankets before and after the wheel, increasing friction. If necessary, can also use tools on the ground into strips of annulus at hard ice, to avoid a skid. Way down, smoothly changing to a block, using low gear to reduce speeds.

5. Choose the right tires
Can choose the snow tires, can play an excellent grip on snow and ice and drainage capacity. If caught in snow on the way, cannot be changed if the snow wheel, you can put some gas heavy duty truck tires, tire contact with the ground surface increased to improve tire grip.

6. Avoid striking direction sharply
When driving in snow to avoid wheels sharply, quick acceleration or braking, and low speeds should as far as possible. Snow snow-covered roads lead to icing or the muddy field, the tyres grip down. If the in-use, when it encounters a vehicle side slip, immediately release the throttle. Do not slam on the brakes, they are likely to slip. If yaw immediately release the brakes, steering wheels to regain control of the car.
Slow steering, steering, also first slowed down, and appropriate to increase wheel turning radius and slow steering wheel operation will be along moderate or skidding can also occur, tail-out out of the car.

7. Use engine inertia to brake
In icy and needed low-end slowly, to take full advantage of the engine's "dance stop" brake to slow down, through the engine "led by the resistance" brake to maintain adhesion between wheels and the road is better than using the foot brake is much better. If you want to low speed, then consider using a lower gear, slightly larger and keep the engine speed. Slowly lift the throttle, you can obtain engine braking. Regardless of whether trucks equipped with ABS, the brake before you step on the brakes a few times before, so can alert cars slowing down to avoid rear-end.
When using methods such as engine exhaust braking, when snow need to pay more attention to. Exhaust brake system, electronic controlled adjustable type, according to instructions, for small power engine exhaust braking system operation and, for non-electronic control can be adjusted, in particular cases prohibit the use of high speed engine brake.
Tractors in use in particular need to be aware, because the effect of engine braking on tractors, trailers from the effect of the front fold is easy to happen when head faster.