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Should Take Measures When Road Roller Works In High Temperature

2014-03-18 10:23:39



The key of overcoming the road roller engine overheat lies in strengthening the cooling system maintenance. Always check and tension the fan belt, timely clean the dust on the radiator, in order to enhance strengthen  the radiator's ventilation. For water-cooled engine, can wash the radiator and water jacket from the opposite direction of the cooling system normal cycle with water, to remove water scale and sediment deposition, thereby strengthen the cooling effect.

In the hot season, road roller operation should be used the thicker engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating grease with higher drop point.

At high temperature, will use less power to start the road roller's engine, in order to prevent the high electricty from charging to cause the battery temperature increase and then lead to the electrolyte evaporation, should reduce the charge current. Also, should always check the electrolyte fluid level, add distilled water in time.