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Road Roller Sales Market Forecast And Analysis In 2014

2014-02-13 10:21:28



According to the Construction Machinery Association statistics, in 2013 the road rollers have sold 15,700 units, increasing by 18.57%. All told, the road roller market has performed well in 2013, outshines others in all branches of construction machinery industry.

The single-drum mechanical road rollers, the moast polular in 2013 road roller market, have cumulatively sold 6,346 units, and the share is 40.42%. Followed by single-drum hydraulic road rollers, have sold 3,075 units, share 19.59%.

Cumulatively export 3,385 units in 2013, increasing by 2.89%.

Favorable factors of road roller market
New urbanization construction opens
New urbanization will be the great engine of China economic growth, will lead the new rural construction step, large rural housing reconstruction, irrigation and water conservancy construction and urban infrastructure construction, will bring an unprecedented level of development for road roller sales market.

Export markets continue to look well
Russia, Brazil, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Africa countries’ infrastructure investment plans have announced one after another, have increasingly become the new regions of China construction machinery export, and construction machinery industry export has grown steadily in two years.
In 2014, with China mechanical technology’s continuous improve, and have wide popularity abroad, overseas capital market needs more and more construction machinery, China construction machinery export markets will create success again.

To sum up, 2014 road roller products sales at least will remain balance with 2013, or have small growth.