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Reasons Of Loader Being Powerless In Work

2014-01-03 10:07:39



(1) Firstly open the manual oil pump, no air in the system, work normally, and then after replacing the fuel coarse and fine oil filter, the engine works basically normal in small load and level, but under heavy load, still not work normally. For this is the lack of oil supply of high pressure oil pump, the analysis view is the circuit failure, so remove the tubing between the filter core and the fuel pump to check, find the aged rubber inside the tube, result in insufficient oil supply, and consequently cause the loader be powerless in work, replace the tubing and clean the hollow screws at the same time, so will back to normal.

(2) Wheel loader works normally with no-load, but smokes black while digging, and be powerless in work. Checking method: firstly check the oil supply system, inormal, indicating the engine itself is no problem; observed that the carbon deposit is more in the exhaust pipe, thus considere exhaust resistance is too much and result in a power decline and black smoke. The loader engine still smokes black, air filter vacuum indicator is rendered as red, at that time fine poor air intake, so find out along the inlet, find air coarse filter network has been blocked by catkins and other debris, after cleaning, the loader engine work returns to normal.