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Precautions for safe operation of concrete mixer trucks

2022-02-18 17:09:13

1. Check

Whether the body is piled with debris, focus on checking the level and leakage of diesel oil, engine oil, various gear oils, various booster oils, engine coolant and brake fluid.

2. Transportation

During transportation, the concrete mixer truck should keep running at a slow speed of 3-6 rpm. During normal stirring driving, the high speed should not exceed 50km/h. Don't be too hasty when turning, and the turning speed should not be greater than 15km/h, otherwise there will be a danger of overturning. The speed of an empty vehicle shall not exceed 60km/h. When the slump loss is too large, an appropriate amount of water can be added under the conditions that meet the requirements of the concrete design mix ratio. This work must be completed by laboratory technicians. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to add water to the mixing tank.

3. Unloading

After the concrete is delivered to the site, the person in charge of the construction site will discharge the material in turn.

The driver should maintain the concrete mixer truck frequently to ensure the service life and normal operation of the mixer truck. The oil nozzle of the supporting roller should be filled with high-pressure grease once a week, and a little graphite or molybdenum sulfide grease should be added to the supporting roller track every shift. Lubricate the oil pump drive shaft once a week.

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