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Points For Attention In Cleaning Truck Cabin

2013-12-13 10:18:31



Firstly, don’t clean the truck cabin after the engine cooling down completely, or will cause the engine age too early.

Secondly, don’t clean the truck cabin in the hot sun, or will remain dry water drop on the truck body.

Thridly, don’t clean the truck cabin in very cold weather. Once water freezes, can cause paint coating cracked.

Fourthly, don't use water other than soft water to clean, including hot water, soda water and high water hardness. Since these substances may damage the paint. Wash it with hard water, dried will leave marks on the body surface and thin films.

Fifthly, don’t use the high-pressure water to clean the truck cabin. Water pressure is too great, can damage painted surfaces. There was a hard case of dust, water infiltration, then wash with water. Scattered water jet.

Sixthly, don’t add detergent randomly. While cleaning detergents, scouring powder and cheap SOAP is not allowed. Because of these detergents contain alkali, it can be washed off the finish of fat, accelerated aging finish. Car wash without detergent.

Seventhly, don’t touch the truck surface with any hands of grease dirty, or tools or oil containing organic solvents to clean the layout in the car body, so easy to leave marks in the paint or finish the premature fading.

Eightly, don’t use detergent randomly. Bodywork can be extremely corrosive stains, such as asphalt, grease, birds, insects, feces, and so on, these stains are more difficult to clean, it must be right. When cleaning body oil stains, gently wipe a sponge, a little kerosene or gasoline, and then grazed on the polishing paste, making it shine. If car body die pest animal and vegetable juices should be soaked with SOAP and water; and then soak in water to clean with a sponge. Steering wheel, lamps, oil stains on the material and rubber parts, can only use ordinary soapy water rinsing, you cannot use gasoline, stain remover and thinner to clean.

Ninthly, don’t use hard cleaning tool to remove the dirt, such as a plastic scraper, blade to scrape the stain, it's easy to damage the paint.

Tenthly, don’t wipe randomly. After washing the truck, a lot of people like to polish; wipe existed two main issues: unqualified and wipe the wrong way with a wiping cloth. To wipe, wiping with a soft cloth or soft sponge and clean. Along the direction of flow when you wipe, gently wipe from top to bottom, not circle or horizontal wipe.