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North American Heavy Truck Market Grew By 17% In 2013

2014-02-08 10:13:10



Recently, North American Class8 heavy truck market orders statistics came out, heavy trucks in North America grew by 17% in 2013, while the medium truck market grew by 10%.

Statistical data indicated that, heavy-duty truck growth benefited from the United States and Canada orders, while Mexico and non-NAFTA orders still remained low. The main reason was that the truck freight market was revived, more truck drivers and logistics companies were willing to replace their vehicles to improve operating profits.

Although the United States and Canada were the important sales market of heavy truck, this didn’t mean that other North American countries had no sales potential. At present, there are about 750,000 units Class 8 heavy trucks in Mexico, and about 400,000 trucks with about 20 using years, the government now first encourages the truck owners to buy new trucks to phase out the old ones. So, the Mexico government adopted a preferential policy, when buy the truck, if submit the the Government's authorized heavy trucks scrappage, can get the coupons, and these coupons can cover about 16% of the new trucks, it's a fairly attractive price. Thus Mexico market might become the next new highlight of North American heavy truck.