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Must be high strength for concrete mixing truck

2016-10-28 17:29:56

Concrete mixing truck must be high strength, or, on the high strength concrete belongs to the category of high performance concrete;On the high performance concrete must be liquid, good pumpability of concrete, to ensure the density of construction;A general need to control of high performance concrete slump loss, to ensure the construction requirements for degrees;Durability of high performance concrete is one of the most important technical index, but after reaching high strength on coagulation, naturally has a high performance, which is with high durability.Durability and combined with the use of the environment, of course. Take corresponding countermeasures, is simply the high strength is not enough.
The technical way of high performance concrete at home and abroad are summarized as follows: 1. In order to achieve high strength and high durability, water to cement ratio of concrete mixing station typically below 0.38.Such can make cement with sufficient compactness.
2. The high performance water reducing agent is must to reduce water cement ratio of concrete material. Also is an indispensible component of high performance concrete. The high performance water reducing agent in addition to high water reducing rate, also hope to have the function of the control of slump loss.
3. The mineral ultrafine powder is one of the functions as a component of high performance concrete.It can fill the gap of cement, under the same water/cement ratio, cement than contrast can improve liquidity, also can improve the strength after hardening.More important is to improve the interface structure of concrete water debris and aggregate, make the strength of the concrete mixing station, hangzhou permeability and durability were improved.Commonly used mineral ultrafine powder, in addition to the silicon powder, superfine slag, classification of fly ash, natural zeolite and ultra-fine limestone powder, etc. Silicon powder fineness is very big, 200000.MZ / 9;And natural zeolite limestone slag, ground granulated fly ash and so on also require specific surface area, 80000 can have good function.