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Monthly concrete mixer truck maintenance

2022-01-13 17:45:55

Monthly concrete mixer truck maintenance

1.Check condition of discharge door seal and replace if leakage is occurring.


2.Check oil level in gearboxes. Use dipstick on fixed gearbox and overflow plug on rotating gearbox. Do not overfill either box. The oil level in the fixed box should just be up to the dipstick base. The oil may seem emulsified, this is not water contamination and is a normal appearance for this oil (ROL EP150 or equivalent). The gearboxes should not use oil and if a reduction in level is noted it indicates leakage and should be investigated.


3.Check oil level on high pressure water pump. Top up as necessary to sight gauge marker.


4.All other maintenance such as changing gear box oils (after two years or 4000 hours operation, whichever is soonest) should be carried out by a competent service engineer.


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