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Malaysia Infrastructure Construction Has Drived Heavy Truck Need And Attracts China Competitors

2013-12-19 10:15:40



At present, in the transportation industry of Malaysia, most are European and Japanese brands heavy trucks, but in recent years, more and more Chinese heavy truck brands have entered into Malaysia market, and the market influence is also rising.

At present, Malaysia is having a building boom, carries on the infrastructure construction, the need of heavy truck is increasing, for the economical China heavy truck, it is the great good opportunity to fight for market share.

Malaysia's population and the market size may not be able to compete with China, but Malaysia's heavy truck market has grown strongly. Nowadays, Malaysia is building infrastructure on a large scale, so the market demand for heavy trucks has showed a trend of rising.

It is understood that currently European and Japanese truck brands are the majority in Malaysia transportation industry, but a growing number of Chinese heavy truck brands has entered into Malaysia market.

The global financial turmoil a few years ago is likely to affect Malaysia in the future years. The current Malaysia market needs need effective, economical and reliable trucks, China heavy duty truck is the important option for Malaysia market.

As China heavy duty trucks continue to infiltrate the market, and the southeast Asia market customers’ awareness of China truck brand is becoming more and more high.