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Maintenance Of Road Roller’s Mechanical Transmission System

2014-03-07 10:25:18



Road roller's mechanical transmission system includes transfer case, transmission, drive axle, vibration wheel reducer, vibrating mechanism, as well as the side transmission gear and driven chain commonly used by mechanical road roller, they need gear oil to lubricate. For the closed lubrication mechanism, should always check the oil level and add lubricating oil, and regularly clean and replace fresh lubricating oil. When check, release oil and add oil, should follow the following principles:

(1) Check the oil level when the transmission doesn't rotate, avoid oil spill and oil level measurement is not accurate.

(2) Before releasing the lubricating oil, should firstly start the road roller to warm the lubricating oil, so that the hot
oil will flow fastly, and the impurity in the tank is easy to mix with the oil to release.

(3) When change the oil of the vibratory roller, should stop the engine. When need to work under the vibratory roller, must block the front and rear wheels with wood.

(4) When check the oil level and change the oil, should put the road roller horizontally.

(5) Before removing the oil plug, should firstly clean its surface and the around dirty. Before installing the oil plug, should make it clear.