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Maintenance of concrete mixer truck hydraulic system

2021-11-09 14:32:34

The hydraulic system of concrete mixer truck is the core part of the mixing tank operation, once the hydraulic system failure, maintenance is not enough, it will lead to concrete in concrete mixing tank, will cause a great loss to the customer. Therefore, the hydraulic system daily maintenance is essential. here share 6 points for your reference:

1. Once the new car is used more than 50 hours, be sure the pump, motor and reducer are fixed by bolts.

2. Before start working, please check the hydraulic oil found box and slow oil window of oil level and oil color scale, and fill oil or do replacement according to the situation.

3. Pay attention to check the hydraulic oil tank filter and vacuum gauge, to prevent the filter oil resistance is too large caused by poor oil, once found that the resistance is too large, should get filter for replacement, or change the hydraulic oil;

4. Check the oil pump and motor, and check the connection parts to avoid the hydraulic oil leakage. whether the interface is loose, especially hydraulic pump suction pipe line is easy to loose intake, cause the system to produce noise and fuel tank oil discharge outward mouth breathing;

5. Keep the hydraulic system radiator fan surface clean, ensure good heat dissipation effect, attention should be paid to whether fan rotation;

6. When you meet the poor road conditions, need to be careful driving, to avoid the damage to the main bearings and decrease the damage in advance.

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