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Introduction to the Status and Development of Concrete Mixing Truck

2016-10-19 16:00:59

With the rapid development of China's reform and opening-up process, economic construction and rapid development of science and technology in the 21st century, the number and scale of infrastructure construction projects have been significantly accelerated. In order to enhance the construction quality and improve the construction level, speed up the construction schedule, we must increase the number and level of mechanized construction. In the construction, the main use of building materials is concrete, which is composed of cement, sand and water in accordance with a certain percentage of mixing to form a concrete mixture, after a certain period of time from the cement and water from the condensation reaction from hydration. The use of a particularly large number. Due to the particularity of concrete production and transportation, the working environment at the construction site is extremely bad. So the development of concrete machinery put forward higher requirements, today's concrete machinery has been to the high-tech, high efficiency, variety, low power consumption, low pollution and intelligent control direction.
The main research direction of this paper is the transportation of concrete mixes. The transportation of concrete mix is divided into horizontal and vertical transportation. So its transport machinery is also divided into horizontal and vertical transport machinery, horizontal transport part is actually a concrete mixer truck, its role is to concrete from the production plant concrete mixing plant or concrete mixing plant transport to the use of the side of the transport side of the truck Mixing of concrete mixing to prevent the occurrence of delamination during transport and the occurrence of long-term transport hardening compaction. Vertical transport part of the concrete pump, and its role is used with the transport vehicle, the concrete mixture continuously transported to the face up. The two devices can cooperate with each other to maximize labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity and environmental pollution, speed up the construction speed.

In this paper, the topic of the concrete mixing truck, concrete horizontal transport machinery. Before the concrete-owned are in the vicinity of the construction site, after a good production of artificial or automotive transportation equipment for transportation. As the production and transportation process is laborious, inefficient, pollute the environment, and can not guarantee the quality of concrete, so only applies to ordinary small-scale construction projects. Since the emergence of commercial concrete, the concrete production and use of the distance between the far, the use of the original means of transport is very inappropriate. The new production method of commercial concrete is produced by a specialized production plant, a concrete mixing plant or a concrete mixing plant, forming a supply network with the production plant as the core and the construction site as the terminal. Concrete production plants are using modern production models, computer control of specialized production, greatly improving the quality of the preparation of concrete, thereby enhancing the quality of the project construction. However, this manufacturer is often far away from the construction site, concrete mixture of this material in the long-term placement will produce segregation, compaction, seriously affecting the quality of construction. So in order to put an end to the occurrence of such phenomena in the transport process, concrete mixing truck concrete transport of this special machinery and equipment came into being.

Concrete mixer truck in the field of construction use is very large, it has a self-loading and unloading of concrete mix, especially in the transport process can be uniform and continuous stirring of concrete, and also to maintain the moisture content of concrete. The picture shows the concrete mixing truck outline drawing. Concrete mixing truck is one of the important links in the process of concrete transportation. It is used with concrete mixing station and concrete pump truck, which can completely make the concrete from mechanization, automation and intelligentization from preparation and transportation to forming. Concrete transport vehicles in the entire transport link plays a role in linking the entire transport network play a role in the connection. This is not only to improve the construction efficiency and quality, for urban construction, but also conducive to maintaining the environment and promote social harmony and development.