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Hydraulic system of concrete mixing truck three harmful factors

2016-08-25 10:17:25

Hydraulic system of concrete mixing truck three harmful factors

Hydraulic system of concrete mixing truck has three basic "pathogenic factors" : pollution, overheating, and into the air.The three adverse factors have close inner link, any of these problems, will jointly create one or more other problems.The practice proved that the hydraulic system for about 75% of all "disease", are the three.If the hydraulic system of concrete mixing tank manufacturing quality no problem, the causes of the failure is mostly to prevent improper maintenance, improper operation factors generally less.It is mainly caused by a lack of understanding of its working conditions.If you know some basic principle, understand cause failure of the above three harmful factors, was able to ensure the long-term system in good working condition.

1, work the oil in into the dirt and metamorphosed into the oil contamination (such as ash, sand, soil, etc.) of source are:

(1) the system external not clean.Do not clean content in gasoline or check oil was brought into the system, or through the damaged oil seal or the seal ring and into the system;

(2) internal cleaning not thoroughly.Within the tank or components still have traces of dirt residue;

(3) gas containers or utensils unclean;

(4) manufacturing with the hot bending pipe in the pipe produce scale;

(5) oil stored improperly, before joining system impurity or has deteriorated;

(6) has gradually deteriorated oil corrosion parts.Corrode metal may be suspended in the oil free molecules.

Dirt can cause parts of wear and corrosion, especially for finish machining of the parts, they will abrade the lining of the rubber pipe, oil seal ring and packing, and after these things damage can lead to more dirt into the system, thus forming a vicious cycle of the damage.

2, overheating caused system overheating may be caused by one or more of the following reasons:

(1) in the oil into the air or water, when the hydraulic pump oil into pressure oil, air and water will contribute to the increase of heat cause overheating;

(2) the container of oil plane is too high, the oil is strongly agitation, thus cause overheating;

(3) the poor quality of oil may get loose, make the foreign matter in suspension, or has affinity with water, it will also cause heating;

(4) more than the rated capacity at work, and thus produce heat;

(5) the oil return valve adjustment improper, or failed to timely replacement has damaged parts, sometimes also can produce heat.

Overheating will make the oil rapidly oxidation, oxidation and releases the undissolved resin, and the sludge with acids, etc., and these substances accumulated oil cause accelerated wear and corrosion of the parts, and stick them in finish machining parts surface will cause the parts lost the original function.Oil is thinning due to overheating will cause the slow drive to work.The results of the overheating, often reflected in control when driving slow and oil return valve is stuck.

3, into the air oil into the air in the following several reasons:

(1) during fuel inappropriately dumped down, which has a bubble into pipeline mixed with oil;

(2) joint is loose or damaged by the oil seal, air is inhaled.

(3) suction pipe line be ground corrosion, wear, abrasion, or so into the air.

Air into the oil in addition to overheat, also can have quite a number of air is soluble in oil under pressure.If the compressed volume about 10% belong to be dissolved air, when the pressure drop will form a bubble.Work and the hydraulic cylinder in the vacuum oil return, with a bubble oil will form the nature of "sponge".In addition, the oil contains many foam can increase the total volume, the fuel tank or oil reservoir oil spill phenomenon.Working oil, containing air at delivering power generates a nasty jump convulsions, uneven, makes the power of the resulting pressure fluctuations and stress, will make the parts damaged, will lead to serious damage of the whole system.Working oil containing air, also can cause hydraulic pump the risk of air pockets, and a larger suction, will put more air along with other impurities inside the suction system.Overheating due to oil into the air, air to enter at the same time also will get into the dust, and these things will make oil soon spoil.

By known, enter the air pollution, overheating, and the three have internal relations, therefore, must carry on the comprehensive prevention can ensure the normal work of the hydraulic system.Therefore, to establish a special preventive maintenance system for hydraulic system, its priority is strict check of the condition of the working oil.When an oil change, maintenance service personnel to attend, and help for the system to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

So if truck mixer hydraulic parts appear afore-mentioned problems, can from these aspects.