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How To Find A Ultimate Way To Change China Road Roller Market Big But Not Strong?

2014-04-29 10:24:25



At present, looking from the global, road roller products were at the mature stage, but seen from the domestic situation, road roller industry is still in the development stage. Users use of backward consciousness and develop awareness, capacity, production companies are also not well that meets the diverse needs of users. Although in recent years, the State's macro-control policy on the rollers had a certain impact on the development of the industry, but based on the development of China's highway construction, road roller industry still have a larger space for development in the future. Which is why, in addition to the many foreign enterprises to China have layout "beachhead" markets, local manufacturers have also begun to sharpen their strengths and join the fray. The face of China road roller industry market without a strong real-world problems, how can businesses make the alternative?

Firstly, as pressure road machine market of constantly mature, increasingly more of user on products of performance and comfort sexual made has out more high of requires, so hosts and supporting pieces manufacturers should will energy put in technology innovation and improve enterprise core competitiveness Shang, focused on reduction vibration good, and noise low, and configuration has air conditioning, auxiliary facilities of driving comfort sexual, and manipulation of comfort sexual, and features of advanced and practicality. Continue to move towards high technology, high reliability, and actively shortening the distance from international advanced product, developing high standard, high quality and affordable domestic parts and components, particularly focusing on development of high reliability and high performance levels.

Secondly, for precise identification on the basis of the profit zone, around Kit's quality, cost control, and how the spread of the finished product and the direction, to create efficient industrial chains, strive to explore a timely and efficient new product mode of operation in order to promote the healthy development of themselves and the industry-wide.

Thirdly, the internationalization of China road roller production enterprises should set up design ideas, strengthening of international technical cooperation, technically remain synchronized with the level of international development, strive for greater market for high-end products. Full application of mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integration technology, automation and intelligent technologies. Rollers and mechanical, hydraulic and micro systems combining to give its new features, make it a good human-machine cooperative relationship.

Fourthly, to meet the suitability of road roller products in different regions. Product design and development to be taken into account when these environmental characteristics and geographical adaptation through better design, to take the necessary measures, adding some details in response to these environmental characteristics of design, meet the needs of equipment in different construction conditions of use, I believe that once users feel its benefits in the use, will make a decisive choice wisely when purchasing products.

Fifthly, with due regard to product features. To achieve the multifunctional road roller, structural design and innovation is very important. Seemingly ever-changing machine parts, behind has the same rules, as soon as you see this, multifunctional design gives us a lot of inspiration. Current domestic production of multifunctional roller products rarely, but it cannot be achieved by multi-functional, such as hydraulic-driven bump before compacting road roller plus behind the bulldozing plates, plus deep plowing rake is not difficult, this technology has been applied to Los LGS218H built on the multilateral round of impact roller, not only extends the functionality of the product, also meets the roadbed construction technology. In addition on the ordinary light-wheel road roller by adding thin-skin bumps wheel can make the rollers facilitate achievement of compacted clay layer functions, can achieve more than one machine, has also been widely used on many mainstream models.

From the future development trends, transportation construction industry construction in China will step in the direction of more efficient and energy saving, which manufacture compactors enterprises put forward higher requirements, Enterprise real-time insight into the changes in the market, analyzing the market needs, guided by the market and constantly enhance the core competitiveness. For users to build high-performance, cost-effective, reliable and safe products. In conclusion, concerted efforts by people in the industry, road roller industry in China are constantly in the search for breakthroughs and upgrading, will focus on manufacturing power into the roller compactors manufactured powerhouse.