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How To Adjust The Chassis Differential To Make The Truck Turn Perfect

2013-12-21 10:22:48


When the truck turns left and right wheels through the distance is not the same, if the truck turns left, the center of the arc on the left side, at the same time, the right side (outer) wheels go arc will be longer than the left (medial) wheel, if on both sides of the wheel is fixed on the same shaft, two rounds of speed is equal, so the wheel will appear the phenomenon of rolling and sliding, this phenomenon will produce resistance in turn in the truck vehicle is extremely smooth, can't even turn.

If you want to improve this phenomenon makes the truck vehicle in turn to as a smoother, let the left wheel slowly, on the right side of the wheel a little faster, with different speed to compensate for the distance difference. In order to solve this problem, one hundred years ago, the French Renault (Renault) auto LouisRenault, founder of the differential this thing was invented. Differential NaZhu if by helical gear ring gear (main), about planetary gear and shaft gear, differential vehicles on corners will force through the transmission, the main transmission shaft will transmit the power to differential turns large spiral ring gear, the two sides when turning the wheel speed, though different, but can change automatically after through the planetary gear wheel around different speed difference, with smooth finish turning motion of the vehicle. Through the text may be hard to understand, so we are looking for the film, let everybody can understand its actuation principle.

Although with differential to make the truck wheels turn smoothly completed the action, but when there is a round of driving wheel slip or idling vehicles will lose momentum. This is mainly because when one side wheels lose grip, this round of the resistance is zero, but on the other side of the wheel of the resistance is very big, in the spiral ring gear running at the same time, adjust the planetary gear wheel speed will also have been rotation, the power transfer to a steady stream of lose grip that round, no to go forward and make the vehicle to stay where he was. In order to solve this situation happened, necessary to some degree of restriction of differential actuation, have limited slip differential and differential locking this kind of special differential.