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How Does The Tipper Truck Prevent From Roll-over While Unloading

2014-01-25 10:13:05



1. The unload ground should be flat.
This is the issue the tipper truck driver should firstly pay attention to, the unload ground must be flat, particularly should not be deviated left and right.
The tipper truck container occurs gravity deviation after segmentation, would produce a very large Center offset, very prone to roll over.

2. The ground should be sturdy to prevent depression.
On the flat pavement is also possible, is to dump large weight and soft ground, after lifting the rear wheel bearing larger, side tire appears to subside.
In response to this situation, at the time of unloading more attention, bucket of half notes to check tyre have trapped on either side of the car, it is better to have one person in the car did look outside the hydraulic cylinders inclined, if inclined, falls down, get a steady lifting.

3. Should open the back bucket.
Drop point chosen to pilot actions also need to be aware, after the first step is to open and seemingly is very simple don't need to be reminded that common sense, but just because this car situation. If attention to not forget to open, raise the bucket, the elevated truck center of gravity, surface uneven, the consequences will be very serious!

4. Avoid to destroy the truck door.
Dump truck now loads much cargo unloaded on the big drivers in the unloading of goods should also be taken to avoid the door.