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How Can China Construction Machinery Industry Breakout

2013-12-10 10:16:51



In the past year, the negative factors, such as inventory pressures and the economic enviroment slump, has accompanied with China construction machinery. In the industry, we see the innovation and progress, also see the confusion and indecision; for the future, the entrepreneurs are full of confidence, but also can feel their worries and troubles to the current difficult situation.

After joining the WTO, Chinese enterprises "going out" has become the norm. Enterprises "going out" has now gone through simple export of infancy, began to enter the stock market, overseas investment to build plants overseas or even overseas mergers and acquisitions stage, was introduced from the capital to the strategic layout of multi-level advanced.

Data show that the first half of 2013, wheeled self-propelled crane, dredger, greater than 100 tons all terrain crane, crawler excavator saw a high growth rate. With the acceleration of globalization, "inexperience" became a viable strategy for long-term development of China's construction machinery industry. At present, China construction machinery and equipment gradually accepted by overseas markets, technology upgrading in the industry has become a sound foundation for Chinese enterprises to participate in international competition.

Chinese companies going global is also one of China's economic growth opportunities in the future. World markets, particularly in developing countries and a significant number of an urgent need to invest in developed countries, the next round of companies to develop new strategies, in accordance with the new concept of world "go out". As States open pick up Government to develop appropriate policy support, integration with world markets will have huge demand for construction machinery industry.

Perhaps, it will open a new road for China machinery manufacturing industry.