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Heilongjiang Heihe Port Firstly Exported Crawler Crane

2014-04-17 10:29:25



On April 8, with the qualified inspection and quarantine of Heilongjiang Heihe Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 5 crawler cranes exported to Russia. It's the first time that export the kind of large-scale construction machinery in Heihe Port.

The batch of crawler crane's maximum rated lifting weight is 55 ton, the main wall's maximum lift height 51.2 m, fixed deputy arm's maximum lift height 56.2 m, fixed deputy arm's maximum lift height 56.2 m, operation range 3.7m to 34m, has the advantages of big track grounding area, good passing ability, strong adaptability and ability of walking with load, can do the operations of digging, ramming and piling. Heihe bureau simplied the processe, changing the warehouse inspection into port site inspection, shortening the inspection period. Because Heihe port pontoon and solid ice channel shipping period is coming to an end, has now entered into the period of shipping goods, Heihe bureau has overcome the unfavourable factors of small staff and many import and export goods, working overtime to inspect and certificate, ensure the crane export on time.