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Forklift Truck Choose Skills

2014-01-21 10:21:14



Forklift truck is the industrial transportation vehicle, refers to the wheeled transportation vehicle of unit pallet cargo handling, stacking and short-distance transport operation. It’s often used in warehousing the large-scale objects transportation, usually powered by fuel or battery. Forklift truck is the indispensable member of storage logistics device, forklift truck has played a big role in cargo handling. Forklift truck has many types, use is also very wide, should choose different forklift truck according to the usage.

Choose forklift truck fuel type according to their own working condition requirements.
1. Internal combustion forklift truck, suitable for ordinary working condition, the place is outdoor, or well-ventilated and has no special requirements for exhaust emissions. Advantages: price is relatively cheap, easy to use, long working hours, less demanding on the environment, low maintenance and low cost. Disvantages: big noise and large emission.
2. Storage battery forklift truck, suitable for indoor or the place has high environmental requirements. Advantages: low noise, no emission, easy to operate. Disadvantages: high maintenance requirements, poor working abilities, high material cost, and high forklift price.

Choose different types of forklift truck according to the site.
1. Counterbalanced forklift truck: the common forklift truck type, suitable for most working conditions.
2. pace, but the trype of forklift truck has high requirment of ground smoothness, and has poor through performance.