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Excavator Bucket Maintenance Errors

2014-04-03 10:19:06


Excavator bucket operation is not difficult, but maintenance bucket bothers a lot of people, introduce regular maintenance of excavators are designed to reduce digging machine failure, extend the life excavators. But in the course of practical maintenance, maintained by excavator for no good, often maintained the "injury".

1. Start an improper excavator causing serious damage in winter, some drivers to quickly start the engine, often using anhydrous start (start, followed by the cooling water) method for non-normal startup. This may cause serious damage to the excavator and should be banned. Correctly of Preheat method is: first will insulation quilt in tank Shang, open water valve, to tank within continuous injected 60-70 ℃ of clean water softener, with hand touch water valve outflow of water has hot feels Shi, again close water valve, to tank filling into 90-100 ℃ of clean water softener, and shake go crankshaft, makes the movement pieces get appropriate advance lubrication, then again line started.

2. Random selection of fuels to reduce engine life, damage increases the chances of winter low temperature diesel poor liquidity, increases viscosity, easy to spray, spray which has a negative, burning countless, resulting in decreased power performance and fuel economy of the diesel engine performance. Winter should use a low freezing point and combustion properties of light diesel oil. General requirements should be lower than the freezing point of diesel engine local current season minimum temperature 7-10 degrees centigrade.

3. Not paying attention to body heat reduces life expectancy, and low winter temperatures damage the engine, easy to make diesel engine cooling when working too much. Insulation is the key to good winter diesel engine. In northern areas, winter diesel engine should be equipped with insulation and insulating curtains and protective equipment.

4. Sump of baking cooking on open fires to burn the excavator, ranging from increased wear of the machine so as to avoid oil deterioration inside the oil pan, burned, degraded performance or complete loss of lubrication, thereby increasing excavator wear. Winter oil should use a low freezing point, external water bath heating method can be used when you start to raise the oil temperature.

5. Low temperature causes excessive wear of the cheap excavator load job engine after starting the fire, some drivers wait to load job immediately. Fire near diesel engines, due to low body temperature, oil viscosity, oil easily swapped into pairs of friction surfaces, may cause excessive wear of the cheap excavator. In addition, springs, valve spring and plunger injector spring due to "cold and crisp" is also easy to break.