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Daily concrete mixer truck maintenance

2021-12-17 14:33:50

Daily concrete mixer truck maintenance:

1.Check mixer is empty before starting in morning.

2.Ensure there is no waste concrete on floor or walls of mixer. Remove build up if necessary.

3.Operate high pressure wash each time an extended break in production occurs.

4.Clean out mixer with high pressure washer and wand at end of daily operation.

5.Check to see discharge chute is also clean.

6.Check cement weigh hopper discharge valve is clear of buildup via inspection panel on base of weigh hopper.

7.When cleaning any build up on mixer arms, mixing blades, scraper blades, and wall and floor tiles, do not use metal hammers as these items are cast iron and therefore brittle. Use plastic head hammer.

8.Ensure that door seal track is clear of buildup.

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