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Construction Machinery After-market Is A General Trend And The Good Development Still Needs Collaborative Maintenance

2014-02-19 10:47:39



"Pay attention to the sales in development period and ensure the service in the low period” has become the most development planning pursued by most enterprises. For construction machinery, still needs to follow the market law. The just past 2013, for each construction machinery company, was a tough year, lingered in the low period which was intolerable for many enterprises. But the shrewd decision makers will still see the opportunity in the low period, that is adjust the policy, turn the gravity centre into the market.

In fact, many enterprises have begun to gradually pay attention to service, beefed up service input, hope that the breakthrough in attached, be able to establish a good brand image. Construction machinery industry "gold, nine silver ten" is over, but the pace of construction machinery enterprises did not stop the service, but remains in constant factors, service areas, to provide customers with timely and effective service.

Construction machinery market is very rich, including service, repairs, rentals, and remanufacturing. Foreign engineering machinery, automobiles, airplanes and other fields has grown to a certain size, China machinery market was also lifted after the wind. Maintenance, accessories such as significant increase in business volume, manufacturer, agent, after the market had to be taken seriously and invest more. Along with the growing diversity of customer needs, service providers will naturally also quickly developed.

Any market development, however it is inevitable that there will be some drawbacks, construction machinery market is no exception. High input, low profits, and service location for machine sales support service generating profits weak, market weakness was already the first signs. Based on current market conditions and internal and external factors, manufacturers shall as soon as possible after the market up to the strategic level, for business on their own, after the enactment of the market development strategy. Development strategies, including segments of construction machinery customer demand for aftermarket, tailored market solutions to customers, and so on. Solutions cover after market service, accessories, operating lease, two cell phones, and then pushing that one or more of the 5 business modules. After the strategic objective to promote the 5 business modules to the market developments in the market, improve bottom line patterns, enhance corporate profitability.

In general, aftermarket support and development is inseparable from the self-regulation of the construction machinery leads as well as mutual supervision. In addition, after the market access standards also to thoroughly understand the characteristics of existing customers, according to needs, developing subdivision standards, and customer management practices. So as to enhance cooperative efficiency, creating greater market value.