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Concrete mixing truck maintenance and maintenance - Drum

2016-11-04 11:18:19

Reached the highest when the engine speed, the mixing drum speed should not exceed 15 RPM, otherwise, the wall and filled with material after stirring blades will prematurely wear;In the process of operation, with the control system adjust the rotation speed of mixing barrel, waiting for unloading, the mixing drum speed to adjust to the RPM is not less than 10, otherwise it will affect the quality of the mixing material;There is a garden in support of mixing drum wheel nut, is used to set and adjust bearing clearance.
Mixing drum of severe wear of spiral vane, should check once a year, should be preventive repair every two years.
Between concrete feed port and the mixing barrel can not have leak slurry, general gap between inlet and the mixing barrel is not more than 5 mm.Such as leak slurry, should be repaired according to different models, and some change the wide rubber band, some thin plate welding, size is more than half of the park.