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Concrete mixer trucks main structures

2021-12-11 15:21:45

Concrete mixer trucks main structures

1. Chassis System
The main component of the mixer, the transport function of the whole concrete mixer is realized by the chassis. Chassis is usually made of type II special chassis produced by stereotyping after being installed and refitted.

2. Hydraulic Transmission System
Engine power is converted into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then output to mechanical energy (speed and torque) by motor, which provides power for the rotation of mixer drum.

3. Mixing Tank
Mixer drum is the key component of the whole mixer truck and the container for storing concrete. It plays a decisive role in preventing concrete solidification and segregation. The inner part of the tank has blades, which mainly play the role of stirring and guiding materials.

4. Discharge System
Mainly composed of main discharging trough, auxiliary discharging trough, locking rod, etc., auxiliary discharging trough can extend the length of main discharging trough.

5. Cleaning System
Cleaning system is mainly composed of pressure water tank, water gun, water pipe, valve, etc. The main function of air pressure water supply is to flush hopper after loading and unloading, flush mixer drum and unloading trough after unloading, prevent concrete from bonding.

6. Auxiliary Frame
The sub-frame of mixer is the main load-bearing part. The load during operation is almost supported by it and then transferred to the chassis. The sub-frame also alleviate bump and attenuating impact load. The whole sub-frame is composed of main beam, front support frame and back support frame.

7. Manipulating System
The manipulating system consists of controller, linkage shaft, flexible shaft and a connecting rod mechanism, which mainly controls the speed and direction of the mixer drum.

8. Bracket System
The rear part of the mixing tank is connected with the sub-frame, which mainly supports the drum body.

9. Feeding System
Mainly composed of feeding hopper and bracket. Because of the impact wear of feeding hopper, the material must be good wear resistance. The bracket mainly reducing impact force.

10. Electric System
Refers to the whole electric of the mixer, including the tail lamp, side sign lamp, Gallery lamp, cooling fan and motor.
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