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Concrete mixer truck operation skills

2022-02-12 15:28:45

1. Friction coefficient of concrete mixer truck

The friction coefficient is the basic parameters of the friction material, determines the braking torque of the basic brake. Standard requirements the manufacturer specifies the coefficient of friction on the package. The friction coefficient must be appropriate, too high will lead to the wheels during the braking to maintain death, direction out of control and combustion film, too low, the brake distance too long.

2. Comfort

The comfortable performance of the mixer truck is directly reflected in the brake feel, noise, dust, smoke, smoke, etc, with the increase in private cars and the improvement of people's living standards. Premise an important indicator of friction film.

3. Reliable security

When braking, small agitator braking energy generates instantaneous high temperatures, especially at high speed or emergency braking. At high temperatures, the friction coefficient of friction plate is reduced, called hot damping. The hot decline determines the safety of high temperature and emergency braking.

4. Reasonable service life of the concrete mixer truck 

The life expectancy is a product indicator that is well received. Brake pads typically guarantee 30,000 kilometers of service life. The large particles of the graphite and brass used in the brake pad can also reduce the wear of the brake disc.

It is very necessary to learn some brake skills about the mixer truck before operating the device, which can be well guaranteed to use the safety of the vehicle.

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