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Concrete mixer truck maintenance

2022-01-20 17:02:38

Concrete mixer truck maintenance

1. Reasonably determine the protection period

The car protection period refers to the distance or time of car protection. In the process of practical application, car owners should refer to the protection cycle recommended by the car manufacturer, contact the car’s own skills and application conditions, and make appropriate adjustments to the protection cycle. Generally speaking, new cars are used under superior road conditions and do not need to be protected too frequently. The protection period specified by the manufacturer’s rules can be used as the upper limit; while the car’s technical condition is poor, or the use conditions are bad, the protection period should be shortened appropriately.


2. Plenty of free testing

The free inspection campaign carried out by the concrete mixer truck manufacturer is often beneficial to the owner. The owner can use these inspection activities to perform specific physical examinations on the favorite car, discover and eliminate some potential problems in real time, and then save the high maintenance that can appear in the future. Protection costs.


3. Minimize the crash repair assembly

Many concrete mixer truck owners have this feeling that after a certain assembly of the mixer truck crashed and repaired, the truck entered the maintenance period prematurely. The reason for presenting this kind of sight mainly touches on the repairers’ assembly skills and quality of accessories. Therefore, it is best to prevent the breakdown of the repair assembly, apply various advanced technical protection equipment and tricks to protect the car from disassembly, so as to prevent unnecessary damage to the car assembly and parts, improve the quality of protection, and then reduce the maintenance Total cost.


4. Do not carry too much

The maximum limit of concrete carried by the concrete mixer truck cannot exceed the maximum volume of the tank, because the density of concrete varies depending on the strength level. High-strength concrete generally has a high density. For the same volume, it will be detrimental to the vehicle if it is loaded more.


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