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Concrete mixer truck drum maintenance

2021-10-18 10:52:14

A concrete mixer truck’s drum is the most abused part of the unit. It is the part most vulnerable to wear and tear. To prolong its life, one should have these points in mind in maintaining it: 

Bolt check. Cement truck units have multiple moving parts and these movements create vibrations that may cause loose bolts over time. It is important to regularly tighten these bolts to avoid breakdowns and delays in the site. 

Bearings check. Bearings are also used in rotating the mixing drum. These bearings may break down over time and need replacing. 

Lubrication. The surface that connects the roller and the raceway should be well-lubricated to avoid jerking motion and for a smoother rotation. 

Dirt cleaning. Ideally, a cement mixer truck’s drum should be cleaned every three months. Not cleaning the drum regularly may lead to a buildup of old, crusty cement that may affect the quality of the next mix. 

Hydraulic components check. Maintaining the hydraulic system of concrete mixer trucks is simple as one just has to change the hydraulic oil regularly. The filter screen should also be replaced from time to time. 

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