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Common problems and solutions of concrete mixer trucks

2022-02-26 14:56:56

1. What does the mixer tug do?

The mixer tug is a bearing used to support the tank and is integrated with the mixer to assist mixing.


2. How to change the oil of the hydraulic pump of the mixer truck?

It is generally not recommended to replace it by yourself, but directly to a professional to replace it, and the oil used must meet the requirements, otherwise the equipment will be greatly damaged and the service life will be greatly shortened. Replace the hydraulic oil with a reasonable label.


3. What is the relationship between the filling rate of the mixer tank and the inclination of the tank?

At present, the inclination angle of the concrete mixer truck is about 12 degrees, and the filling rate is about 63%. The inclination angle is not easy to measure, and the filling rate is difficult to calculate. The mixer trucks currently sold are all based on the effective mixing volume.


4. What is the reason why the concrete mixer tank does not turn, and the hydraulic oil is sprayed from the filling port of the mailbox?

The hydraulic pressure is advanced one by one, and the lack of force may be that the sealing part of the oil pump is broken. When the oil is returned, it may be that the sealing pad of the oil pump is broken.


5. What is the rotational speed of the mixer drum of the mixer truck?

The rotating speed of the mixing drum during feeding is: 6---10 rev/min; the rotating speed of the mixing drum during stirring: 6--10 rev/min.


6. What is the distance from the feed inlet of the 8-12 square concrete mixer truck to the ground?

Generally, the height of the 8-12 square mixer truck is about 3.8 meters, and the distance between the feed inlet and the ground is about 3.5 meters, which is determined according to different models.


7. How to clean the tank of the cement mixer?

The water tank equipped with the mixer truck should put the water into the tank after each unloading, and stir it when returning, and then discharge the water to receive the material when it arrives at the mixing station. The outer surface of the tank should be easily cleaned when the tank is filled with water. Of course, it can also be washed directly with the water in the water tank. If the cement slurry has solidified, find a professional cleaning tank inside the tank, and brush the surface with oxalic acid for solidification.

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