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China Tower Crane Development Prospects

2013-12-07 10:14:01



(1) Improving product technologies, promote industrial upgrading.
Along with the horse, as well as large-scale infrastructure construction of new town construction, China tower crane market will be a long-term revival. Should continue to raise the level of large and medium tower crane technology content and quality, and meet the needs of large key projects, open up international markets, and accelerate the development of replacement parts for, strengthening new technologies, new materials, new technology and new structure of basic research, improves performance and reliability. In addition, all manufacturers to strengthen product testing and industrial-leveled, improves the overall quality level trade authorities to strengthen regulation of the industry and guide the healthy development of the industry.

(2) Focus on the development of flat, movable arm tower crane, to meet the market demand.
According to the construction requirements, crew-cut type, movable arm tower crane has been developing fast in recent years. Jib tower crane can be within a certain range changes, and its maximum weight is large, is ideal for intensive and narrow area construction, cranes used in the construction of buildings in the city is getting more and more. Tower cranes, because its top structures, tower cranes have collision avoidance, with advantages such as easy, flexible air base, Tower jobs site in the group, and their use has become a trend.

(3) Integrate industry resources, enhance comprehensive strength.
Accelerated resource integration within and outside industry, each manufacturer has concentrated on the basis, has focused on the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technologies, learning from foreign experience, developed its own characteristics, and takes note of the development of independent professional manufacturing technology to rapidly enhance our overall strength of manufacturing technology for tower crane and better integration in the international market.

Meanwhile, with the deepening of tower crane technical exchange and cooperation within the industry, tower crane Kit, as manufacturers such as gearing and electric control technology research spending is gradually strengthened its production increase, as well as quality management standard, will help boost the overall strength of tower crane industry as a whole.

(4) Specification management, improve the regulatory system.
Tower crane operation, install the lower-quality, on-site installation with no certificate, or the serious illegal operations, resulting in high tower crane accident, which resulted in loss of life and property, have also affected China tower crane's reputation in the international arena. Recommends the development of safety management standards and norms, while workers exposed to periodic training and be certified through examination.
Tower crane market develop in a healthy and standardized and norm, it needs the concerted efforts of Government, associations, enterprises and society, only the establishment of standard, good market order, the user's interests can be safeguarded, tower crane manufacturers ' interests can be safeguarded.

(5) To the world, to the high-end.
At present the main export market of tower crane in China or in the low-end market in South Asia and the Middle East, in Europe and the top end of the market share of little. Really need to do world-class Tower manufacturing enterprise, it is necessary to break into the high-end market in Europe and America, although its market share is small, but with a market benchmark effect.
Developing marketable products, meet the importing country's technical standards and regulations, market achieved certification, China tower crane business, growth in overseas markets, became important indicators of the level of its internationalization. China tower crane business in frequent international appearances, showing China is up to the Tower giant to Tower of power.