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China Domestic Construction Machinery Sales Will Grown Stably With 8% Rate

2014-01-16 10:13:15



It’s forecasted that the construction machinery sales will maintain the steady growth of 8% in 2014, unless there are large mergers and acquisitions and industries transition, construction machienry market is still not the important focuse field of the secondary market.

Construction machinery suffers from overcapacity, excessive receivable funds on account, the lower national infrastructure stimulation reduce, and construction machinery ownership too high in the market, it’s estimated that in 2014 the industry is still in the capacity digestive process, although some subdivision fields may have the same growth, the new emerging engineering machinery will become a bright spot in the field.

In excavator field, there is greater increases in 2013, the industry has kept 20% sales growth in the second half year, and increased gradually month to month, mainly because the technology is relatively low in 2012. But in the bulldozer field, the sales fell in the 10-12 months. And from order, the bulldozer sales in the coming year is not too optimistic, hope breakthrough in the future.

In the global, construction machinery industry is still excessive. In China, when the domestic GDP is less than double digits, the industry is overcapacity seriously. From the perspective of the past few years, the development speed of China construction machinery industry is probably twice of the GDP development rate, if the GDP growth rate in the future is at the level of 7%-8%, the industry growth speed is probably at around 15%. Developing overseas markets has become important means of solving the construction machinery industry overcapacity.

About the overseas mergers and acquisitions of construction machinery field, now the whole depression situation of construction machinery market is here, if the overseas mergers and acquisitions, in addition to introducing technology factors, market will be more important for investors, it’s difficult to develop overseas markets.