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China Construction Machinery Is Popular And Confident Because It's In Great Demand In Developing Countries

2014-02-25 10:19:13



It is understood that, compared with the fierce competition in domestic market, overcapacity and market saturation, the infrastructure construction need in developing countries and the good price performance are the confidence of China construction machinery sell well in overseas markets.

Good price performance is the advantage
According to industry analysts said reasons for Chinese construction machinery was originally going to be overcapacity in domestic and economic pressures, which forced companies to go abroad, of course, some of these companies are aggressively at first, overseas customers holding try ordering 3 to 5 machines, found that China engineer machinery product works quite well, and is cheaper than Europe, Japan products cheaper. After a few years of business development, products become more and more recognition in the international market.
Due to the limited economic power of developing countries, not a lot of extra cash to buy expensive, Europe, Japan and, therefore, cost-effective construction machinery products in China are favored.

Developing countries markets have potentials
It is learned that in recent years, Russia, and Brazil, and India, and Viet Nam, and Thailand, and Africa national infrastructure investment plan came out one after another, which makes construction machinery industry in accordance with national policies, saw the market prospects of space, these areas become new areas of China's construction machinery export.
Starting from 2008, layout of construction machinery enterprises in China more and more overseas markets, steady growth in export sales every year, and this trend continues, in General, trends in the international market for the better.

After-sales service is the core competitiveness
Despite the situation of China's construction machinery export sales are still on the rise, but the profits in a thin, the reasons include the strength of the exchange rate of the Renminbi rises, emerging market currency devaluations in Southeast Asia, as well as rising labor costs and so on, this is the next export will be faced with a dilemma.
In order to maintain sales, to raise prices and worried about the customer can not accept, so the impact of RMB appreciation only at internal digestive, machinery companies, can do is to strive to improve product quality, reduce production costs and develop new products, thereby increasing offers of new products to replace old products.
In addition, the product after-sales service should also be strengthened, construction machinery products in the fast moving consumer goods, its relatively long cycle, a product sold only sales really started, manufacturers consider the product life-long maintenance issues, only when the service is ready to retain old customers and develop new customers, based on the search of regional partners, expand sales channels.