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Analyze Reasons Of Wheel Loader Water Temperature Too High

2014-03-13 10:12:12



In the use process, often will find the wheel loader water temperature is high, then, what is the reason? The following will conclude several reasons to analyze the wheel loader water temperature too high.

1. It's covered by debris in front of the cooler to block air flow, and too much oil dirt in the engine surface also will
affect cooling.

2. Too little water or there is leaked track in water tank, and this is the daily routine maintenance work, if the water temperature is high, should check whether the water circulation is normal, check way is to touch whether the radiator's portable water pipe and downflow pipe temperature differentate big, if the temperature gap is big, should check whether the water pump is working normally or the thermostat can not open.

3. Engine overload, fire late, hydraulic pump power overload also will cause high water temperature.

4. Water tank cover broken also will cause water temperature increase, because the water tank is broken, will easily cause water channel intake air when the water cycle, thus the water temperature will be higher.

5. As China loader work in construction site or the harsh environment all year round, there is a lot of dust and debris falling into the engine around, which is inevitable, so remind loader driver to regularly check and clean the debris around the loader, which will help reduce the water temperature of the engine.

6. Loader driver should always check whether the cooling fan is working properly, also check whether the transmission belt is loose, transmission belt too loose or too tight can cause the water temperature increase sharply.

7. Engine oil quantity will affect water temperature, should keep in regular range.