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9 Principles Of Tipper Truck Maintenance

2014-03-22 10:08:34



Tipper truck refers to the vehicle that unload goods automatically and lift through hydraulic or mechanical. Also known as dump truck. It's composed of chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartments and power take off mechanism. In civil engineering project, often work with excavator, wheel loader, conveyor and other construction machienry, constitute the production line for loading, transportation and unloading, finish the loading, transportaion and unloading work of earth, sand and bulk material. The following will talk about the tipper truck maintenance.

(1) Tipper truck's load must not exceed the required standards, and be even, avoid concentration, more anterior and more posterior.

(2) Tipper truck's beam connections must be good, to reduce load on the beam, should check the beam joints periodically, solve in time if found problems.

(3) Keep the truck's constitution connecton well, shock absorber and steel bomb material intact, tire pressure normal, do not put additional shock load on the frame.

(4) Saddle-shaped beam must be firmly immobilized.

(5) Tipper truck engine, transmission and other parts' mounting pad must be in good condition, replace in time if damaged.

(6) Carriage fixing clip cannot be loosened.

(7) Can't hit hole and weld around the tipper truck frame, to avoid stress concentration, accelerate damage.

(8) Should choose correct lubricating oil according to the required when use, largely save unloading time and labor, lifting mechanism should strictly change oil on schedul.

(9) Load according to the rated, do not overload.