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6 Prohibited Points Of Excavator

2014-03-25 10:08:40



Excavator in operation are not aware of when there may be accidents, drivers not only its own security of the lives of others. When using the excavator should pay attention to the following 6 factors:

Firstly, when the excavator works, prohibit any person, excavator and under delivery of goods, no side job side maintenance; do not adjust the engine (speed controller), electronic control systems and hydraulic system; pay attention to select and create a reasonable job, no mining cut hole.

Secondly, excavator dump dump truck has stopped; when the discharge without any parts of the case of crash dump, you should mimic the bucket height is reduced; ban the bucket from the dump truck crossed above the cab. Yantai excavator training during most of the notes.

Thirdly, prohibits the use of crushing bucket sturdy object; if a larger stone or hard objects should be erased before continuing operation, prohibition of mining of rock blasting more than 5 as shown in.

Fourthly, China excavator arrangement IV, banned simultaneously in the upper and lower two mining operations; excavator moved in the face of flat ground, and clear of obstructions in the channel.

Fifthly, against the bucket cylinder put top diggers. Bucket excavators could not be ridden without a off the ground or rotary motion.

Sixthly, prohibition for crawler excavator arm lateral pull him; shock method for hydraulic excavators could not be excavated.