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2014 China Road Roller Sales Sitmulating Growth Analysis

2014-04-11 10:41:26



Enter 2014, China road roller market has remained stable growth trend. According to statistics, in January, including the export, road roller sales is 797 units, increasing by 8%.

The tone of boosting domestic demand rely on the infrastructure construction, such as urbanization is a foregone conclusion. National rail and road planning and construction have begun, in particular the Eastern and Southwest railway and highway construction have been started, it's said that China infrastructure construction is more likely to the West development in the future.

On 2014 NPC, the regional collaborative development proposal has passed conveniently, airport construction, various types of industrial transfer will bring large-scale construction projects. In addition, the provinces begin to speed up the urbanization pace, in the future, construction project is expected to open a new situation for construction machinery market.

As an important component of road construction, road roller will also play an important role, refer to the sales situation in January 2014 and 2013, after enter into the progressive construction season, road roller market sales will exceed the January's growth momentum. As the domestic road roller manufacturers, focus on the national layout of road roller market, concentrate to force the local markets, vigorously explore overseas markets, which are the important safeguard to pull road roller sales.