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Different Uses of the Concrete Mixer Truck

2021-08-28 11:28:47

Different Uses of the Concrete Mixer Truck

With all the design features of this compact, robust concrete mixer truck it is no wonder it has been used to mix and deliver concrete to multiple construction sites across the world. Here are the types of construction sites that has been used:

Construction of piling, foundations and ground consolidations — operations that must be done with great precision to ensure structural stability.

Mine and tunnel construction where concrete is the ideal support for load-bearing structures. the concrete mixer trucks prove to be a fundamental partner in all types of geological conditions for it’s ability to tackle the bumpiest ground and reach the most difficult areas.

Railways, bridges and road construction,Building of a power plant where a large amount of concrete is needed. Often, the energy sources require that plants are built in hard-to-access areas, and their ducts must be anchored to the ground using enormous concrete bases. This is why the concrete mixers, with four-wheel drive, steering and ability to climb even 30% gradients with full load, are the ideal solution for working even in the most awkward conditions.

Suited to all types of job-sites from congested city centers to remote villages.the concrete mixer trucks can load, mix, produce and discharge over 100m3 of cement per day, and their electronic weigh batching equipment ensures precise mixes of any grade of concrete with an accuracy of +/- ¼%. They are simple to use and easy to maintain.

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